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8 Tips to Combat Seasonal Depression

Aaah! Fall has made its arrival. Although this is my favorite season, it also brings me sadness. Since my sophomore year of college, I have dealt with seasonal depression. My senior year I had it the worst! However, I found ways to combat my sadness. I plan to implement those same things, or new ones, this year.

First, let’s define seasonal depression. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is defined by Mayo Clinic as a type of depression related to the seasons. SAD begins and ends around the same time each year.

The Symptoms

Here are some ways that seasonal depression could manifest itself in your life. Feeling depressed most of the day or every day. Lacking energy and/or not getting enough sleep. Change in appetite. Feeling sluggish and/or irritated. Even suicidal thoughts.

Some symptoms that are more specific to the colder seasons are oversleeping. Gaining weight. Appetite changes and lack of energy or tiredness.

Symptoms more common in the warmer seasons are insomnia. Weight loss. Anxiety and appetite changes.

Tips to Combat Seasonal Depression

Colder Season Specific:
  • Better eating habits. Lose the junk food, sis!
  • Get some sun. Vitamin D is a major key!
  • Manage stress by practicing exercises like breathing, meditating, journaling and other outlets
  • Try a new exercise class (e.g. kickboxing, yoga (hot or regular), pole, etc.)
  • Post positive affirmations to your mirror
  • Put on your fav PJs or wrap up in a cozy blanket
  • Watch your fav holiday movie(s) with your friend(s) or fam
  • Vent to someone you trust or a licensed professional

Learn more about seasonal depression here.

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